12 September 2013

Today's Eden

Today I brought in some flowers from my zinnia patch. I cannot quite describe the joy it brings me to cut flowers I grew myself, especially knowing that so many new flowers are ready to burst forth to take their place—weather permitting.

As small as it is, my little garden has brought me so much pleasure. I can't help wondering how Adam and Eve could be willing to risk the beauty and delight of Eden—the ultimate garden!—for a mere bite of fruit. How could they risk it all?

However, as soon as I start judging dear Adam and Eve, I hear the Holy Spirit remind me how much I risk—and for even less than a bite of fruit. I imagine the angels in Heaven looking at me in astonishment, as I fall for the Enemy's temptation, too. 

We often have a very poor perspective, don't we? We only consider how we feel, and what would make us feel better right nowWe're missing out on unspeakable joy and the riches of Heaven, for a temporary "fix." 

We will never have Eden again, but how much is our disobedience robbing from us today? 


  1. Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven - Lucifer, Milton's Paradise Lost

  2. Very good questions! Too often we focus just on a quick fix and don't think long term enough.

  3. Sooo true. People sometimes people will not even wait and pray about things and then they get just what they wanted.


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