06 July 2010

We Can't Escape the Hard Truths

We Can't Escape the Hard Truths
by Pastor Carter Conlon
Times Square Church

My morning's sermon. Such a good word. A strong word. I wish every Believer would watch this, and heed its warning.

The video's description from TSC:
February 21, 2010 - You can resist and run from truth but you can never escape it. When we have a wrong view of success we will develop a wrong method to achieve it. We are not called to live the Christian life with a wrong focus of what we can get for ourselves. There are no big or small players in the church. We are all moving as one body and we are a small part to a large picture. If we serve God for personal gain and reputation we will end up pretending to be fully with the program, but in reality we have our own agenda. Pretending to be led of the Holy Spirit and to obey God is a very dangerous thing. God calls us to walk before Him with an honest and humble heart.

01 May 2010

A Bud Cannot Bloom

It doesn't matter why you're holding onto the past.

Maybe, you think life was better then and you miss the good times, or maybe you can't forget how you suffered and still feel the pain of your wounds.  

Either way, this is not God's will for you.

God's will for you is to grow.  To change.  To always be becoming the person He called you to be from your mother's womb.  

 A Bud Cannot Bloom...

Yes, He did call you. He does have a unique purpose for your life that is going to distinctly please and honor Him.

However, you have to let go. You have to stop looking back.  And, you will have to trust Him more. And, even more than that. 

The future is unknown, and it may not look very good right now, but you cannot judge His will by your present circumstances.  You cannot judge His will by how you feel. The heart is deceitful above all things: Do not accept it's council.

 ...unless it's willing to change.

It takes no
faith to live in the past, but that is not where you'll find God's will.