20 November 2012

My Heart Is Full!

Today, I am THANKFUL for...

  • ...being able to get the last of our "collection" to the dump. This meant having the extra cash to pay for the disposal, and friends with a truck and strong muscles to do the deed. That's a lot!
  • ...for such a beautiful Autumn we've had, and the hope of a beautiful and snowy Winter.
  • ...the people who support prison and aftercare ministry.
  • ...the friends the Lord has given us, and all they add to our life.
  • ...a daughter who shares my values and convictions.
  •, and boys, and the happy diversions they bring.
  •! Every day, I am thankful for the health I have. It still makes up for the health I lack. And, there is always hope of more.
  • ...the friends I've made thanks to the internet. Some are people I have never met, and some are people I didn't connect with until I got to read their FB posts or blogs.
  • ...a few minutes this morning to blog!
  • ...a husband who makes my day, every day. Oh, he's given me some pretty rotten days, but I'd rather have a rotten day with him than without him. Rotten passes. The love and peace and joy and comfort and laughter and completion lasts forever.
  • Mother. There are moments every day when I stop and realize I've been given the greatest gift, the privilege of making her life comfortable. I'm so grateful I get to tuck her in each night. I'm thankful I get to make her feel safe.
God bless and keep you! 

15 November 2012

Guinea Pig Reporting for Duty

I have an overwhelming To Do List. So, I think I'll blog.

Actually, I just am trying to will myself to get up and get going. Not easy sometimes. Pain levels have been ugly this week, and that just makes it hard. BUT, I've got press on! I have to not allow my pain to determine my progress. It's natural to shirk from pain, but I believe we have to go until we can't take it anymore. Pain brings fear---who wants to feel pain? Who wants to feel more pain? I certainly don't! However, I cannot allow the fear of pain to stop me.

Today I went to the research clinic for the RA/Firbomyalgia study. I wasn't going to do it, but the project manager called again last week, asking me to reconsider being a guinea pig. Her persistence was admirable. And, I was feeling pretty good last Wednesday. So, today I went into Boston. The visit was about 90-minutes long. It seriously was painful. In fact, it is a good thing I don't have to be back until January, because it will take that long for me to recover psychologically. It kinda messes with your head to willing submit to something that is intended to make you hurt, and to make you hurt as long as you can take it!

I survived, though. And, maybe this will all be helpful, and cause some breakthroughs in the treatment of RA. I hope so.

Anyway, that is about all I have right now. I am still working a on a post for the Leibster Award. I haven't forgotten, Amelia! Maybe, I'll get that done this week.