Life on earth distills us for Heaven....

I am the wife of Rev. Doug Gregan, the Director of New Brothers Fellowship, Chaplain for the Essex County Correctional Facilities, and an excellent saxophone player. I am his music publisher, President of LampSongs. I am also the Assistant Director of NBF, and the Secretary and Treasurer of New Brothers, Inc. I love my work in prison ministry and aftercare. It has given me an avenue to express my creativity, minister, and serve alongside my husband and daughter---my now 21-year-old girl, who is the sunshine of my life.

Rounding out our family is my Mother, Rev. Stella L. Mosqueda. She has lived with us for almost 20 years now, and has added a richness to our lives that we all treasure. Caring for her in these later years of life has brought many challenges and changes, and we see Christ in all of it. He continues to use her to shape us into His image. My Mother continues to amaze me, and my reasons for admiring her continue to grow. She is a true Christian.

My family has served as home missionaries since 2004, and it's been the greatest experience of our lives!

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