20 November 2012

My Heart Is Full!

Today, I am THANKFUL for...

  • ...being able to get the last of our "collection" to the dump. This meant having the extra cash to pay for the disposal, and friends with a truck and strong muscles to do the deed. That's a lot!
  • ...for such a beautiful Autumn we've had, and the hope of a beautiful and snowy Winter.
  • ...the people who support prison and aftercare ministry.
  • ...the friends the Lord has given us, and all they add to our life.
  • ...a daughter who shares my values and convictions.
  •, and boys, and the happy diversions they bring.
  •! Every day, I am thankful for the health I have. It still makes up for the health I lack. And, there is always hope of more.
  • ...the friends I've made thanks to the internet. Some are people I have never met, and some are people I didn't connect with until I got to read their FB posts or blogs.
  • ...a few minutes this morning to blog!
  • ...a husband who makes my day, every day. Oh, he's given me some pretty rotten days, but I'd rather have a rotten day with him than without him. Rotten passes. The love and peace and joy and comfort and laughter and completion lasts forever.
  • Mother. There are moments every day when I stop and realize I've been given the greatest gift, the privilege of making her life comfortable. I'm so grateful I get to tuck her in each night. I'm thankful I get to make her feel safe.
God bless and keep you! 

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