23 April 2013

I'm Waiting

I have been absent here, waiting to hear from the Lord. I thought He had something in particular for me to write, but then I thought again. And...again.

Sometimes, with some things, we just need to be careful. If it's not God's will, we can end up being hurtful. Or, end up wasting a lot of time.

Wasting time does not interest me. I only have so much to spend, you know? Gotta make good use of it.

If you've been waiting for the Mother's Day Giveaway info, you may be waiting a little longer. Thinking about Mother's Day this year has been a lot more emotional than I expected.

So, for now, I am taking pictures and working a lot with my husband and cooking for my family and trying to live better with the body God has given me and striving to know the Lord more.

For now, I'm waiting.


  1. Hello Sweet Caroline...(not the song) I really mean that. I so know how you feel...It's hard sometimes knowing what to do what to write and then we resent the whole dumb thing. : )

    Know you are loved. I wish I would have seen this earlier, for some reason I keep missing your blogs on my roll. I guess you are writing on a day I'm not on.

    Take care now, <3


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