06 February 2013

Life Goes On

It's never been one my favorite expressions. Always seemed kind of selfish. As if a person was choosing something good, going on with life, instead of the something not-so-good that they were leaving behind them.

In the short time since my Mother passed away, I've started to realize that "life goes on" is just s fact. The world keeps spinning, the grass keeps growing, the sun keeps rising, bodies get hungry, work needs doing, people need attention. Life goes on. I'm not deserting the one who has passed away. I am just doing what I've been given to do. 

So, life goes on. With waves of grief and trust in the sovereignty of our all-mighty God, life goes on.

Life goes on. 

I guess I thought a time would come when I felt a release from the grief, and then life could go on, but I don't think that is going to happen. I think missing her will always be a part of my life, but maybe over time I will just stop expecting her to be here. I'll remember she isn't coming home soon, because she is all ready Home. At peace. At rest. Free. Truly living. 

Her life goes on, too.

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