11 August 2013

I'm Ignoring You

ig•nore |ig•nor•ing
1:  to refuse to take notice of
2:  to reject

It's generally considered rude to ignore someone, but I have a hit list of enemies who are regular visitors, and they don't deserve my attention.

Be it heartache or body ache, Pain demands my attention every day. He relentlessly strives to incapacitate me, until I finally open the door to Courage

Fear is insatiable. And, sneaky. Usually, I don't even know she's here, until I suddenly realize my hands and feet and spirit are all bound-up in chains. Fear wants to control everything I say and do, and she doesn't take, "NO!" for an answer, no matter how emphatically I shout. Love conquers Fear, though, and Faith breaks me lose from those chains.

Without Courage, I am helpless against the forces of Insecurity. Once he has me in his grip, I am an easy prey for Pride.

He is the most insidious of them all. He seeps into every pore, and the only way to be free is by a thorough cleansing at the Cross. Humility will lead me there.

Faith can defeat Unbelief with a single blow, but when I have made room for Unbelief in my heart, I lock the door to Faith. This is when I count on Hope. She can unlock that door. 

Courage. Love. Faith. Humility. Hope. I cannot imagine life without them. And, they are all courtesy of Christ, who is my all in all. All I need, all the time.


  1. This is a very good post...I just wish you'd been able to post the comment you teased about on my blog.

    1. Thank you, Steven. Thanks for reading and commenting. And, I'll be back to re-post that comment.

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    1. Ronda, thank you so much. That means a lot to me.

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    1. There are several more I could add to the list! ;)


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