20 August 2013

Little Trophies

In the Spring, Hannah came home with a package of kitchen gloves. Inside, there was a packet of seeds. Zinnia seeds.

I had every intention of expanding my gardening "hobby" this year, but it was hard to get out there. Gardening is so closely tied to my Mom, and in April I just wasn't there. 

Then, these seeds showed up. 

I wasn't sure what a Zinnia was, and I didn't know the first thing about putting a seed in the ground, but one day I just knew I had to take this step of faith. That's what it was, you see? It was a step of faith.

Did I have the faith... be outside? put a seed in the ground? trust God with all the unknowns?

There was a lot riding on that little packet of seeds.

Well, it took until May for me to get outside. There were still serious questions about the ministry. Getting down on my hands and knees was still an unknown (certain health conditions make that challening), but Grief, Pain, and Fear were not going to be allowed to rule over me. Being stubborn can be a virtue.

There were a lot of things that had to happen in my little garden, before those seeds could be sown, but that is for another post. What matters is that I did it. I got them in the ground. I learned several things along the way, and I successfully planted my first seeds ever in the earth. 

Major life-changing event!

And, when I look at my Zinnias today, tall and strong and blooming in full color, I see little trophies. They are my trophies. I overcame Grief. I overcame Fear. I overcame Pain. And, they are my reward.

I love that the Zinnia that suffered the most is also the tallest.
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