30 December 2013

The High Tech Blues

am typing on my phone. 

As marvelous as it is that I can do this, and as grateful as I am for my phone, give me a computer monitor and keyboard any day! The monitor at the jail, in the Chaplain's office where I volunteer with said Chaplain, aka the Saxophpne Player, is really (REALLY) bad. My eyes ache after an hour. Yet, I love having a real keyboard to tap-tap-tap. 

Even better, there is an actual IBM typewriter in the office, too. I adore using it. 

But, do you know what is even better than that? A good pen and a yellow, legal pad. 

Technology has it's place, but it is always disappointing me. The more advanced, the greater the pain when it fails. My husband delights in technology, but I want to break my dependency on it. He is forever searching for the perfect app to solve all his scheduling challenges. I just need my $0.99 calendar. He would have me record contributions online, but I prefer index cards. His address book is strictly digital, but I still have the address book from Hallmark which Hannah gave me on my 30th birthday. I trust paper. 

Speaking of paper, the recent issues with debit cards at Target had me wondering if we need to just stick with cash. And, we should have cash on hand, stashed under a floor board or up in the attic. Without electricity, the very basis of all technology, we be in trouble. I think we depend too much on debit cards. Was identity theft even an issue 30 years?

I know technology has its place, but it seems to me it doesn't know it's boundaries. We need to continually corral it, or it just grows out of control. We need to carefully gauge how much of it we will allow in our lives. To think that one dead battery is all it would take to shut down a business transaction or medical procedure or any number of other important events is sobering for me. 
And, it's just not right. Precious photos and videos, for example, that only exist digitally, are a heartache just waiting to happen. We should not put all our confidence in technology. I don't know how I am going to fix my own dependency, but I must try. 

Do you have a high tech dependency you want to fix?

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