02 March 2013

Care Package

I have had a cold/mystery virus for weeks now. 

On Wednesday, I thought I was actually---finally---getting better.

Then, as we were settling into bed Wednesday night, Doug innocently asked, "Is your lip swollen?"


By Thursday morning, I looked pretty scary. By Thursday night my lip was three times its normal size, my glands were swollen and painful, my head felt like it was going to explode, and the body aches were the worst ever. I went from "all better," to being sicker than ever.

Very depressing. 

Plus, Hannah is out of town, and Doug is busy-busy-busy. So, that means being all alone and sick and sad.

Poor me, huh? I know I'm ridiculous, but it was discouraging. 

Well, my husband was inspired. In the midst of running all the errands for the house, he assembled this Care Package for me. It made me so happy! It was filled with just the sorts of things I love.
  • Office supplies
  • Cards
  • Organic chocolate
  • A date book
  • And, toys!

He put a smile on my face. And, the datebook is something I almost bought for myself, but since I all ready have four for 2013, I decided against it. LOL Oh, well. I'll make good use of it! 

And, he said the cards were from him, but unsigned on purpose, so they can be reused. That was the best, because he was thinking of my card ministry with the men in prison. I bring cards for them to send their loved ones, and he knows how much that means to me. I was very touched. 

The next post I am working on happens to be about datebooks. 

See you then!


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