18 March 2013

Divine Interruption

There is a limit to what anyone can or should do, but sometimes we are so in control---or so out of control---of our life that we miss something good God wants to give us. We miss a divine interruption that may be just what the Lord has chosen to enlarge His presence in our world.

I know a couple who are the parents of five children, including two toddlers, and two weeks ago they were asked to foster parent an infant. A brand new baby.

Most people would understand and support them if their decision was, "No, we're sorry; our hands are full," because their hands are full.

Their lives are full.

However, their lives are also in order. Their priorities are straight. They know what God has called them to do.

That's the key. 

That is also why they did not turn away from this divine interruption. They did not put their hands up and say, "No." Instead, they reached their hands out and said, "Yes!" They welcomed this ordained intrusion with open arms, full hearts, and a surrendered will. 

Is it going to be easy? Of course not. Does that matter? 

There are times when we are given an opportunity to welcome God into our lives in a far greater measure than we could ever imagine, but that opportunity doesn't always show up at the best of times, or looking very appealing. 

Sometimes, looks like a travel-worn pilgrim and his expectant wife riding on a donkey. 

Or, a dusty and dirty pair of feet that need washing. 

Or, a thirsty stranger at the well.

It happens so easily, doesn't it? Those opportunities walk right up to us, but we don't have room. It will cost too much. We don't have the strength. We're "too busy." 

Oh, let's pray we don't miss these divine interruptions! Let's be willing to cast down our plan, our pride, our ambition---our selves---in order to do whatever the Lord brings our way.

"Lord, make me so mindful of Your will,
that I do not miss Your presence."

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  1. Great post and so true. Who knows how many blessing we're turning down because we don't have time,etc.


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