23 July 2013

Bags & Bows

I am of the mind that gifts should be wrapped, no matter how big or cheap or small or expensive. Part of the fun of giving is wrapping, and part of the fun of getting is opening. It doesn't have to be fancy, to be wrapped.

Case in point.

I did not invent this wrapping, but my
nieces said they'd never seen it before,
and suggested I share it on my blog. 

Supplies: paper sack & scrap ribbon.

Add gift, and fold bag over once.

When you do the next step, be sure
you are punching the ribbon hole
through all those layers on the side.

Punch one hole on each side of the
bag, about 1" down from the fold,
and 1" from the edge of the bag.

Feed each edge of the ribbon
from the back of the bag.

Tie a bow, and voila!


  1. How cool is that! Wonderful.

  2. Simple and nice. Cool. Thanks for sharing.

    And did you add that "reactions" box or did I just miss it? I like it for when I don't have anything to say but I want you to know I came by.

  3. How nice! Wrapping really does make a gift that much better.


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