15 July 2013

Mother's Day

This post was written before Mother's Day, and I just saw that I never posted this. Too sad, I guess.

I only listed 20 qualities of my Mother's, but the list could go on so much longer. Her virtues were endless. 


The past several weeks have been difficult. Sad. My first birthday without Mother. My first Mother's Day. I think I will begin to feel better now that these two events are past. I hope so. It has been hard to do anything feeling so sad. I've actually been depressed. I don't get depressed often. I also don't stay depressed long. I know that kind of self-indulgence is destructive and not of God. I mean, really, how can I be sad? I have been so blessed. My Mother was such a good Mother. And, I did have her in my life so long. I must count my blessings, not cry over my loss. Self-pity is unbecoming the Believer. 

So, today I will give thanks for my Mother, and count the blessings she brought into my life.

  1. She modeled unconditional love.
  2. She encouraged my pursuits and interests.
  3. She modeled forgiveness.
  4. Even in the worst of times, she always trusted God.
  5. Her desire to know the Lord only grew.
  6. She valued any effort that spread the gospel.
  7. Leading people to Christ was the most important thing she thought anyone could do, and the only thing she wanted to do.
  8. She loved God's Word.
  9. She loved the presence of the Lord.
  10. She prayed with authority, never doubting the Lord.
  11. She didn't suffer fools.
  12. She was a good judge of character.
  13. She treated people better than they deserved.
  14. She was generosity personified.
  15. She elevated motherhood to the highest privilege of her life.
  16. She served her husband and family selflessly.
  17. She supported her husband like a boss. 
  18. She treasured learning.
  19. She loved plants, and brought life to every plant she touched.
  20. She loved people, and brought life to each life she touched.


  1. Beautiful. Beautiful.

    Number 11 made me *smile*. Yes.

    What a lovely person your mother still is.

    Super-tight hugs, Love, Amelia


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