23 July 2013

Mementos & Relics

Going through some papers of Doug's, I found an envelope. 

Inside the envelope was a greeting card. 

Inside the card were various pieces of paper. 

As I began to separate the phone numbers and addresses, still thinking this was Doug's collection, I found a "Smilie Jesus" tract. Two, actually. One, missing the cover.

Then, some words on a fold slip of paper caught my eye. My favorite verse. I opened it and recognized it as a hand-out I had made for the guys at The Farm, when I shared my cancer testimony back in 2011.

Next, I opened a paper that looked completely unfamiliar. I didn't understand a thing it said, but there was a name.

Oh! I realized what this was - not Doug's notes, but the relics of a man's time inside. Mementos & relics. 

I read the card. 

Every Christmas Eve we go to The Farm (the Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center). We hold an outreach, and distribute gift bags filled with homemade Christmas cookies, tracts, and a hand-signed Christmas card. 

His card happened to have been signed by Doug, and he'd kept it. Along with the tracts. Those "Smilie Jesus Tracts." It's only one per customer, so he must have picked up a second one that someone had discarded, perhaps after removing the cover. 

Or, maybe he removed the cover himself, to send it to his children. Sounds like something he'd do.

My heart is deeply touched by this Brother's little collection. Not sure how Doug ended up with it, but finding it means more than I can say. 


  1. Did you edit this? Ended a little differently in my RSS reader. Did say a prayer for him.


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