15 July 2013

Holy Prejudice, Batman!

I have noticed a growing prejudice amongst Christians. I think it's been going on for a long time, but I didn't really start noticing it until recently. 

I'm talking about spiritual prejudice.  

There are always going to be doctrinal differences between us, even between people in the same church, but we aren't supposed to hold those difference against each other. 

Yet, that is what I see happening, especially when it comes to matters where the Bible isn't exactly clear. We seem to be forgetting we're all just humans. Some of us have more understanding than others, but 1 Corinthians 13:12 still applies to us all, no matter how many degrees we've earned, or how many spiritual experiences we have had.

Now, does that mean doctrine doesn't matter? Of course not! We should know what we believe, and be able to defend it. We just need to remember that none of know it all. On those points where we really think we're right, let's maintain a little humility. 

You see, I really believe there is a consequence for this prejudice: the division amongst Believers, and the lost not being reached with the truth, dying, and going to Hell. Eternal Hell. Christians are spending so much time debating their doctrine, they are neglecting their call. 

Jesus is The Way. Follow Him. And, if He leads you to walk beside a brother of another doctrinal mother, say, "AMEN!" Can't we all work together to a point? Shouldn't we be able to serve our mutual Father as one Body?

We are all in this together, friends. We need each other. Let's remember that. We have a work to do for the King, and a limited time to do it. Debating theological differences is a cop-out, and a poor excuse for not answering the Great Commission.


  1. This title really grabbed my attention...I know exactly what you mean. Oh do I ever. In the past couple of years, we were even called un-saved because we did not adhere to a renewed popular doctrine many homeschoolers are falling into. How people can follow a man who used to burn people at the stake I'll never understand, and how believers behave as if they would like to burn us at the stake I will never understand. I could say sooo much here but I will refrain. : )

    Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus.

    May our lives profess Christ in all we do and say.

    The enemy must laugh his head off to see the accusations and divisions...I'm wondering how many people are really reading their Bibles...and truly spending time with our precious Savior?

    We'll know them by their fruits. : )

    I hear ya sister.

    1. Amen, Amelia! I think you are right on. We give Satan so much ammunition. I cannot imagine anyone accusing you of being unsaved, and yet I know others who have faced the very same attack from Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It's not good. God is not glorified. May the Lord continue to open doors for you and your family amongst homeschoolers. May we all have ears to hear!

  2. Yes and amen! It's one of the things I enjoy about Jerusalem. The Believers I've encountered and worked with are from varied backgrounds. Yes, Jesus is center, and so there is less friction about interpretational differences.

    1. I think that may be one blessing we can look forward to as it opposition grows.


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